AMS 3211-700

The ZrO2 flue gas probe AMS 3211-700 is designed for process applications with temperatures of up to 1400 °C in combination with a dust load of less than 2 g/m3.

A pitot tube feeds the process gas to the ZrO2 sensor which is built into the flange of the probe AMS 3211-700. A bore hole in the head of the probe provides ambient air as reference air for the sensor. Due to this unique construction the high temperature probe AMS 3211-700 does not require instrument air during the measurement.


AMS 3211-700

Additional product features:

  • immersion depth up to 2000 mm
  • pitot tube made of stainless steel 1.4841 or Kanthal depending on the process temperature
  • longer life expectancy of the ZrO2-sensor due to the reduced thermal load
  • fast and easy sensor replacement
  • flanges in DIN or ANSI sizes available
  • continuous monitoring of sensor signal, -heater and measuring value on plausibility by the transmitters AMS 3220 or AMS 5200
  • back-purge and auto-calibration features are available as options

Technical data

ZrO2 probe AMS 3211-700
Measuring principle ZrO2 probe with Pt-electrodes
Application Residual oxygen in flue gas
Construction ZrO2 sensor installed in the sensor flange
Gas supply to the sensor by pitot tube with outlet
of the sample gas back into the process
Flue gas temp., max. 1400 °C
Dust content (flue gas) max. 2 grams / Nm3, dry
Flue gas velocity > 2 m/s
Time for pre-heating ~ 10 Minutes
T90-Time < 20 Seconds
Reaction time < 5 Seconds
Probe length 300 – 2000 mm
Material Kanthal
Installation in the stack any
Connecting flanges DN 80 PN 16, DN 100 PN 16
Protection IP65
Reference air supply by diffusion of ambient air to the sensor through
a hole in the probe head
Calibration gas supply by separate pneumatic unit
Weight ca. 6,5 kg
Transmitter AMS 5200 / AMS 3220 in housing IP 65
Pneumatic unit GRP housing, Dimensions: 600 x 600 x 200 mm /
  800 x 600 x 300 mm, autocalibration optional
Version: AMS 3211-700 E V-2013-07