AMS 5200

The oxygen analyser AMS 5200 is designed for the measurement of O2 concentrations in Vol. %, making use of a ZrO2 sensor. The AMS 5200 is based on the "AMS 5000" multi application electronic analyser project that was developed in 2009. A modern, microprocessor controlled SMD type electronic guarantee short response and T-90 times.

Due to the logic and self-explaining menu structure of its software, the operator can change settings and calibrate the oxygen analyser with only three keys. AMS offers a software package for the AMS 5200 to allow remote control and service of the analyser.

AMS 5200 / 5225

Analyser settings and calibration can be executed from any Microsoft Windows operated PC.

Numerous useful options for the oxygen analyser AMS 5200 allow the operation in almost every application.

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Technical data

Analyser AMS 5200
Measuring principle ZrO2 sensor with Pt electrodes
Application Soldering machines
OEM application
Gases Industries
Chemical Industries
Measuring range  0 … 25 Vol %
Analogue signal port (0) 4 … 20 mA or 0 … 10V, galvanically separated
Reproducability +/– 2 % of the measuring value
Resolution 0,01%
T90-Time ca. 20 Seconds
Display 2* 16 digit, illuminated LCD display
Line 1: display of concentration in ppm or Vol %
Line 2: messages, device status, sensor parameters
Messages 1 system message (measuring value yes / no)
max. 2 messages configurable as oxygen value,
calibration message, measuring value in the range, flow rate
Gas connection inlet / outlet 3 / 6 mm ferrule pack
Gas sampling min. 30 Nl/h, max. 50 Nl/h
Sample pressure (inlet) min. 1,01 bar abs., max. 10 bar abs.
Digital communication serial interface RS232
Ambient operating temp. + 5 °C up to + 60 °C
Power supply 110 … 230 VAC or 24 VDC
Protection / Housing / Dimensions IP20 / electronics unit 28 TE / 3HU
IP65 / wall mounting housing / ca. 300 x 260 x 130 mm (hxbxt)
IP54 / portable housing 42 TE / 3 HE
IP54 / panel mounting 144 x 144 mm
Weight 2,5 kg … 10 kg depending on housing and built-in options
Options Pneumatic suction
Electronic flow analysis
Software for remote display and service
max. 4 measuring ranges automatically switching with
digital range detection
Pressure regulator
manual 5 way valve
Particle filter 2-7µm
Version: AMS 5200 E V-2013-07