Newsletter 01-2014

We are pleased to report that our new analysers for O2 measurements have now successfully passed the GOST-R certification process.

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Certification of conformity for AMS Oxygen Analyser according to the Russian GOST-R standard

AMS 3186, AMS 5100, AMS 5200

All these analysers have now been successfully certified to GOST-R.


AMS 3186 is a micro-processor controlled analyser for highly accurate measurements of lowest oxygen traces based on an electrochemical sensor.

To the AMS 3186 data sheet


The ZrO2 oxygen analysers AMS 5100 for ppm and AMS 5200 for vol% measurements in inert gases and flue gas applications: A long list of options allows the oxygen analyser to be ideally adjusted to your specific application.

To the AMS 5100 data sheet

To the AMS 5200 data sheet

Series AMS 5x00 in a wall-mounting enclosure
AMS 3186 in an electronic housing

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The AMS process analysers are manufactured according to all major European standards. We focus always on our customer's needs. Our service and after-sales support provides:

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  • Worldwide spare parts supply
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  • Local partners and maintenance

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