Newsletter 03-2013

The fourth quarter of 2013 again brings some interesting news and developments in our product range. This includes our new multicomponent analysers for dewpoint measurements, the AMS 3186 Dewpoint and AMS 5100 Dewpoint, as well as our updated range for O2 and O2 / COe measurements.

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Simultaneous determination of oxygen traces and dewpoint

Multicomponent-Analyser – Dewpoint measurement
AMS 3186 Dewpoint und AMS 5100 Dewpoint

For the determination of oxygen traces and the dewpoint of the sample gas we are using a ZrO2 or electrochemical sensor and simultaneous a ceramic sensor for the dewpoint measurement. We are happy to inform you about the different applications.

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AMS Flue gas measurement, probes and transmitter for O2 + O2 / COe

For the measurement of oxygen concentrations and COequivalent in flue gases AMS offers an extensive range of Probes, Pneumatic units and Transmitters. The oxygen measurement in flue gases from incineration plants is done with ZrO2-Coe sensors. The varied field of applications require the adaptation of this measuring due to different kind of probes:

  • In situ probes: AMS 3211-500; AMS 3211-1500
  • Semi-extractive probes: AMS 3211-700
  • High-temperature probes: AMS 3211-600; AMS 3211-1600
  • ATEX certified probes: AMS 3212-860/150; AMS 3211-860/150; AMS 3210-860/150

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Analysator built to customer request: 5 flue gas measurement units within a climate-controlled enclosure

AMS – customer testimonials

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