Newsletter 01-2013

Our series AMS 5000 and AMS 7000 have been introduced to the market as state-of-the-art successors for well-proven AMS product ranges. After the successful approval according to DIN EN 15267, the new series AMS 5000 now can be used for almost every application, being the ideal flue gas measurement system with supreme microprocessor technology.

In addition, our series AMS 7000 analysers for measurement of Wobbe-Index and Air demand have now been certified for the use in Ex-Zone 1.

Successful approvals:

Flue gas measurement series AMS 5000 has been tested for suitability according to DIN EN 15267, approved after 13. and 17. BImSchV, TA Luft. It also fulfills the requirements of QAL 1.


Thereby we now can offer you our successor to the well known flue gas measuring analyser AMS 3220.

New certification:

AMS RHADOX series 7000
suitable for use in Ex-Zone 1


Wobbe-Index / Calorific Value certified for use in Ex-Zone 1 in accordance to ATEX 94/9/EG

Our product catalogue

The AMS process analysers are manufactured according European standards. Our focus is always on customer needs:

  1. Analyser for measurement of Wobbe-Index, Air demand, Density and Calorific Value Series AMS RHADOX 7000

    As economic alternative to fossil fuels in industrial furnaces the use of caloric Off-gases from industrial processes has become common in the past years. The composition of these Off-gases is subject to high fluctuations due to the origin of the gases. In order to mix the Off-gases with other gaseous fuels it is important to measure, besides the Wobbe-Index and the Air demand, the Density and the Calorific Value.

  2. Trace Oxygen Analyser Series AMS 3xxx

    The AMS Trace Oxygen Analyser is equipped with a zirconia or electrochemical sensors and could be delivered in different designs based on our customer needs. The resolution of oxygen depends on the features of our analyser. It's possible to reach resolution of 1 ppm Oxygen and smaller.

  3. In-Situ Flue Gas Analyser AMS 5000

    The AMS product catalogue offered combined system of pneumatic unit, transmitter and probe for measuring the concentration of oxygen in flue gas samples.

  4. Thermal Conductivity Gas Analyser AMS TCD 200 TG

    For measurement of binary gas mixtures.

  5. Two Components Analyser AMS 6000

    For measuring trace oxygen at the presence of H2 or CO.

Our After-Sales-Service provides:

  • Gas sample conditioning and extended analyser equipment by customer needs
  • Worldwide spare parts supply
  • Start-up assistance and training
  • Local partners and maintenance

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